Attracting students to our university

In a time when the province’s population is showing an alarming decline in the number of young students eligible for university, we are maintaining our enrollment numbers with an increase this year.

Maintaining our enrolment numbers with an increase this year
Applicants are recruited using several strategies. Our recruitment team is responsible for connecting with high school students though school visits, social media, email, phone calls and events like tours and fairs, using population trends to determine their target areas.


Newfoundland and Labrador students have been, and will always be, the number one recruitment priority for Grenfell. Recruiters also identify key areas throughout Canada where Grenfell has typically had success in recruiting students. International recruitment continues to be a significant area of growth. Canada’s demographic trends are not paralleled across the world.  After extensive research, our international recruiter identifies key markets including India, China, Belize, Mauritius, Panama, and Barbados, where he meets with potential students, families and schools to talk about life in Corner Brook.

Roxanne Kleinveldt is a general science student from South Africa.

Our recruitment team also works with international agents that help us engage the students and school officials in places that we can’t visit ourselves.

But attracting new students isn’t limited to face-to-face interactions anymore. Our marketing team implements a year-round marketing strategy that includes the creation and distribution of print publications including our viewbooks, print and digital media advertising in key areas and a complex social media campaign. The annual digital campaign for the 2018-2019 academic year realized a total of 4.2 million impressions and 61,852 clicks; an increase of 30.5% and 91.2% respectively. Social media also yielded an increase in total reach, impressions and clicks for the academic year with 73,008 clicks to our website.

All of these strategies help us optimize our student enrolment initiatives.