Reaching out to community

One of the first actions taken by Dr. Jeff Keshen, VP (Grenfell Campus) was to establish a Grenfell Campus Community Advisory Committee.

Initiatives to get out into the community and connect with local residents
The committee has been established to advise on issues relating to enhancing opportunities for community outreach, program development, student experience, fundraising and other matters that may contribute to the overall improvement and growth of Grenfell Campus. The 16-member committee has representation from a broad range of areas, including health, alumni, arts, Board of Trade, parent, ministerial, Qalipu and government representatives. We’ve taken several other initiatives to get out into the community and connect with local residents of Corner Brook.

Chemistry Show at the Corner Brook Plaza

Grenfell Day at the Plaza, held fall 2018, was an opportunity for residents and city visitors to take in displays and interactive booths from Grenfell’s schools and departments. Children were particularly intrigued by the mini makerspace set up by Ferriss Hodgett Library, as well as interactive presentations about chemistry in everyday life delivered by Grenfell environmental science students.

Grenfell Day at the Royals was a family-friendly event, offering discounted tickets to Grenfell faculty, staff and students.

Perhaps the most well-known Grenfell events for community residents are the Teddy Bear Clinic, offered by Western Regional School of Nursing students, and Tricks or Treats, the Let’s Talk Science Hallowe’en event. Both events, geared towards children and their families, saw hundreds of participants visit our campus.