Our sustainability platform

Sustainability may seem like the latest buzzword, but Grenfell Campus takes it seriously.

While Grenfell’s Sustainability Committee oversees the practices that are carried out on campus, ultimately we believe everyone should take responsibility in this area.

Educating people about waste management, through paper and plastic recycling as well as composting
The committee aims to establish initiatives in which the campus community can participate, For instance, one of its main focuses is educating people about waste management, through paper and plastic recycling as well as composting. The Waste Management Subcommittee established two tumbler composters as well as a large wooden box composter for the use of students living in student housing on campus. The subcommittee has been successful in diverting more than 250 kg of waste from the Corner Brook landfill since the program began in 2017.


Another project that encourages sustainability at Grenfell is the Grenfell Community Garden. The garden is well subscribed, with faculty, staff and students taking advantage of the wooden box planters. The garden provides a place for the campus community to learn and practice eco-friendly and organic methods of food production and planting/gardening.

On an organizational level, there are many activities ongoing that support Grenfell’s sustainability platform. Faculty teach and supervise students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs that encompass environmental science, environmental studies, resource management, environmental policy and boreal ecosystem and agricultural science.

Graduate student Sien Van den broeke at the composter site.

Grenfell’s Environmental Policy Institute produces research on topics that include climate change in Newfoundland and Labrador, rural development and business innovation, while the Boreal Ecosystem Research Initiative focuses on research priorities in forestry, agriculture and the environmental sector.

Grenfell is part of a Memorial University-Honeywell energy project that will markedly enhance energy efficiency by upgrading heating and lighting systems. In addition, Grenfell is registered as a regular metrics reporter to the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS).

Through these and other initiatives, like paperless paystubs and double-sided printing, the Grenfell community is demonstrating its commitment to significantly increasing its position as a sustainable campus.