Our commitment to our students

Teaching and learning are at the core of what we do. Our faculty and teaching staff continue to offer our students creative, innovative and interesting ways to learn. Whether it is placing cameras in the forest to track movements of animals or preserving history by visiting homes of the elderly to record their stories, our faculty work tirelessly to ensure our students are inspired and motivated.

The first intake of students in the master of fine arts (MFA) degree is about to take place. This is the third graduate program to be established at Grenfell. The MFA will include studio/research/production courses as well as a self-directed studio/research course.

“The master of fine arts in visual arts will offer graduate students an ideal space for research, scholarship and creative activity combined with community engagement and critical discourse,” said Dr. Todd Hennessey, dean, School of Fine Arts.

The MFA will include studio/research/production intensives, a two-semester, self-directed studio/research course, a graduate-level critical theory course and a final project and oral examination.

We also offer a master of arts in environmental policy and a master of science in boreal ecosystems and agricultural sciences. Further opportunities for graduate level (at both the master and PhD levels) programs are also being pursued.

Alumna Emily Critch, curator PULP Gallery

It was an exciting day for the visual arts program when the PULP gallery opened. PULP is the first-ever community exhibition space dedicated to visual arts students in Newfoundland and Labrador and features the work of a selection of current visual arts students.

Another feather in our hat is the establishment of the CityStudio program. CityStudio applies experiential learning techniques all the while working closely with the City of Corner Brook to overcome a challenge or issue they face. Past projects include sustainable waterfront development and the establishment of winter outdoor recreation hubs.

We know that student success is not limited to their academic record. One of our priorities is the establishment of programs that will recognize volunteer and community work to complement a student’s official transcript when they graduate. Cocurricular records, for example, are an official record that recognize the awards, successes and volunteer work that a student does outside of the classroom.