Growing the student experience

Student experience is about much more than labs and lectures; it’s about building a social support system, fostering relationships and making memories outside of the classroom.

It all begins with Orientation, the week-long celebration that welcomes students to campus. Events are designed to give students the information they need to navigate campus and the tools to transition successfully to university life. Increased emphasis has been placed on bringing the ‘fun’ to orientation, recognizing that our students’ successes are shaped by their experiences right from the start.

Helping students live comfortably in Corner Brook continues to be a priority
Our Warriors athletic teams continue to be competitive throughout the province and beyond. And the annual fundraising faculty/staff versus students hockey game continues to be a highlight of each winter semester. There has been the addition of a few new recreational events including the annual Road Hockey tournament, skating parties, and a connection to the Corner Brook Royals Hockey team that made fans of our students!


Grenfell’s first black caucus aims to provide supports and services to black students.

Helping students live comfortably in Corner Brook continues to be a priority. We offer a student transportation service to shopping districts, complementing the services provided by the city’s transit service and the Colemans’ shuttle – Colemans offers students a free, twice-a-week  taxi service to their nearby store.

Specific programming is available to our international students: we organize field trips to attractions/destinations throughout western Newfoundland as well as events that celebrate cultural diversity, such as International Night and Multiculturalism Week.

The Grenfell Campus Student Union is an advocate for our students. The union ratifies dozens of clubs and societies that add to student life: everything from the Paper Mill Press to the Dance Club, Enactus to the student Lions Club, and to the Historical Society. Student life and campus involvement are fundamental in keeping our students happy while they learn, and this continues to be a priority of our campus.

We’re seeing an increase in students partaking in Student Exchanges. This program allows our students to travel the world to study in one of 300 locations while paying our tuition and earning credits toward their Memorial degree. And, we’re benefitting from more in-bound students who are choosing to make Grenfell their exchange destination.

We’ve seen steady growth in our study abroad programming. This past year alone, 38 of our students studied at a  campus in another country and we welcomed 56 students to Grenfell for a term.

Nicole Miller, co-ordinator international programming

And of course convocation is the culmination of our students’ hard work. In the past, we held four sessions of convocation – one in the fall and three in the spring. We’re now introducing a different model where we will all come together in May for one big ceremony at the Corner Brook Civic Centre. This model of convocation will bring us together as a campus and will be inclusive of large groups of family members, government officials and representatives from the community. But the goal is the same: to honour and recognize our student graduates!